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Friday, August 5, 2011

ShivYog LONDON Shivir 2011

Shivyog Shivir London 2011 Siddha and Shambhavi (Combined):

14th July 2011

Know Thyself !
You are the infinite soul of the universe. 
Discover the “You” that is within and emerge as the infinite that “You” really are.
After self realisation, you will live in a state of abundance.

Share the good you find around you.
If you find anything evil, don’t impose it on others, but destroy it within your own Shivagni.

Spend 2 hours each day to do your sadhana.  This will sustain you for the rest of the 22 hours.

Focus yourself on your goal.  Understand your objectives in life.
Happiness is a state of mind.
Give unconditional love to everyone. 
Forgive those who trespass against you.
God and goodness dwells in forgiveness.

There are five bodies that cover the soul.
Innermost is Anandmai kosh – Super causal body
Next one is Gyanmai kosh – Causal body
Middle one is Manomai kosh – Astral body
Next one is Pranmai kosh – Ethereal body
Outer one is Annamai kosh – Physical body

Only when our five koshas vibrate and work in unison, do we have ananda.
In the presence of great souls / ascended masters, our causal body vibrates at their level.  This frees it of karmic baggage without going through any pain of long processes. 

Awaken the giant within !
Become the Saat Chitt and Anand that you really are !
Only through ignorance do we believe that we are finite and bound to a life of suffering.
You are the Shiva and hence infinite and full of bliss. 
Understand the purpose of your life and of taking this human form.

Causal body is the cause of our lives.
It dictates why and how we react to things.  Our karmic bonds are related to this body.  This body dictates our health, wealth, relationships etc 
If you work on your causal body you can change all these things that impact your life.
Until all our accumulated karmas are cleansed, we can’t change our lives.

All “difficulties” in life teach us a new skill or ways to deal a given situation.  Don’t be defeated by issues. 

Whatever you want, acknowledge it !!  Don’t focus on what you don’t want.  Talk in the positives.  Don’t waste time on negatives. 
Eg – If you want to feel better, acknowledge healing, not the pain.

Be a witness to whatever is happening to you in life.
Use Sanjeevani shakti for harmony and healing.  If the giver and receiver are open to healing, miracles can happen !

15th July 2011

What sort of future do YOU want to create for your self ?
Create the future YOU want.

Be careful what you ask for.
Be precise.  Be accurate.  Be positive.  Be simple.  Be direct. 
Universe is generous in what it wants to give you.  Do you have the clarity of vision or the courage to ask for it ?
Possibilities are infinite.  Everything is “possible”. 
Be ready to receive the blessings of the infinite capabilities of the universe !

When creating your future, don’t dwell on the negative things in the past.  Don’t fight to keep the misery of your past.  Be willing to get rid of it.  
Be active in your healing and help the universe grant you what YOU really want.
Create your future from where you are – here and now.  Don’t look back and dwell on the past.  Look forward and visualise where you want to be – not where you have been already (unless you want to go back there !)

Choose which emotion(s) YOU want to experience. 
If anger, sorrow, hate is what you hang on to, that’s what you will get in the future too.
If you choose to experience peace, prosperity, health, happiness, love as your emotions, that is what you will get.

Make plans for your future life by ACTIVELY CHOOSING what YOU WANT in YOUR LIFE.  
Choose clearly.  Visualise and “experience” the things you want in life.  Everything from people, position, status, health, wealth (amount), relationship(s), careers, goals. 
Choose what you want in a month’s time, 6 months, One year, 5 years, 10 years, long term, eventual goal.  CHOOSE !!

When Shiva is generous in his “giving”, why are being a miser in “asking” ?  
Seek and it shall be given !
Ask boldly !

Before you were born, you chose the life you were going to have.  Based on your karmic balance, your desires to “experience” things, you created the life you wanted.  So don’t blame others for giving you the experiences you wanted to have !  (to see how it feels to be in a wheelchair or have a high-maintenance spouse or fame or life-of-service or to be with a specific soul etc)
If you don’t like what you have right now, ask for it to be changed.  Actively choose not have this experience in the future.  
If you chose your present, you can chose your future. 
Create your own destiny.  You have the power to do that !

Mediate and ask Shiva Shivaa to bless you everyday – one hour in the morning, one hour at night.  Just 2 hours in the day and your 22 hours will be transformed !
You must do “sadhana”.  You have to have faith and you have to devote time to your improvement. 

Let success, achievement, health, wealth, happiness become your habit.
Feel the “destiny” you want.  Invest energy and emotions in to creating your choices for the future.

To detach yourself from what you have now, attach yourself to something higher – better.Child is attached to a tri-cycle till he sees he can have a bicycle.  When he grows up, he attaches himself to a motor bike and detaches from the bicycle without even mentally making that choice!  Attachment to a car and than a plane can also happen – if you detach from the bike. Attach yourself to divine things and you will detach from material things without even knowing it.

Shri Krishna asked Arjun to do the work and not worry about results – because all work ends in results of some sort.  Have faith that God is with you and the results will be powerful! Don’t waste your energy on “what ifs” in life.  Just keep working and you will have the results.  God told Arjun, “Success is guaranteed.  Don’t waste your energy doubting it.  Have faith in your action and God’s grace.”
Be happy in every situation !  
Have Faith !
Universe is generous and more than able to provide all your needs.
Seek ! and it shall be given !!

Let nature be your teacher.  If animals can read the signs and know when such things as earthquakes or tsunamis are on their way, why can’t we ?  Be in tune with nature / your surroundings and you will have your answers.

Today was "Guru Purnima".
It was wonderful to do so much meditation in the presence of such a master and in the company of so many sadhaks !!

16th July 2011

Someone wanted Babaji to heal him / her.  Babaji cited the popular saying, "Give a man a fish and it will feed him for a day.  Teach him how to fish and he can always feed himself.  Wait, I am about to teach you how to healing so you can always heal yourself."

Create a chain / circle to heal any situation.
Ask the divine Sanjivani energy to heal the situation.
Make your request in the present-tence.
Let the amrit of your love and divine blessing flow from your Anandmai kosh.

Listen to the inner voice.
Listen to the divine voice from within.
Let the ancestors be your guide.  Once they have ascended, higher beings will come as your teachers.
Ascended masters will come and help when you are ready.
For meditation, sit in silence.
Go from the gross body to the super causal body and on to the atma and beyond.
Siddhas, Shiva Shivaa and prabrahman will come to heal and guide you when the time is right.

Unless you ask, how will you get?
Ask in language that is simple, clear and positive.

You have not come to the universe to suffer.  
Your suffering is because of the negative karmas you have created out of ignorance.
Now that you have learned the skills of Shiva Yoga, act with intelligence.  Act on your karmas knowingly and build positive results through positive karmas.

Child is bound to the mother via the umbilical cord.  This cord is physical as well as ethereal.  If the mother meditates and gets energised first, she can pass on her energy to the child.  
Mother’s mental state during pregnancy impact’s the child’s mental and physical state in life to come.  It also impacts the personality of the child.
Foetus can listen, feel and experience what the mother experiences and things that are in the environment around her.  She may miss things, but the child will pick them up nonetheless. 
Therefore, a pregnant person should remain happy at all times.

Divinity comes to bless you in the form of your choice – Rama, Krushna, Shiva, devi, Buddha, Siddha, Jesus etc.

Impurity comes from non-forgiveness.
To become pure, forgive and give unconditional love.
Happiness is the reward for giving love.  If giving love creates such a wonderful feeling, why expect any more?  Become an ocean of love.  An ocean does not need small buckets to add to its vastness.  So, don’t expect people to give you their small amounts of appreciations, thank yous or other things.  Just give and be happy !
Be vast in your giving of love.

Be in the present moment. 
Don’t hold on to the past.  If there is no past, there is no prarabdha (fruits of past karmas).  If there are no past karmas to work out, there is only a perfect state of “being” in the present moment.

Feeling of negativity is in itself sin !
Guilt, sadness, hate, these are sins.
Negative feelings are not good for you, hence they are sin.
Be in the positivity and be happy. 
First – forgive yourself!  Forgive others.  Seek forgiveness from others.

Don’t bind yourself with too many dos and donts.  Be normal.  Be simple.
Accept what comes your way.  Accept what is given to you out of pure love. 
Have positive intensions.
Have positive acceptance.

Everyday, Do your seva, sadhana and satsang.
Seva – do service without ego or expectation.  If you work with expectation – it’s drudgery.

Shakti that has been given to you during these 5 days is through the grace of siddhas and ascended masters.  This is the fruit of their labour.  Be grateful for the shakti that is given to you by the grace of divine masters.  This shakti is given to you to serve the universe.  Have the attitude of gratitude. 

Purity of the inner self is more important than external, superficial cleanliness.

In my ignorance, I carry forward the karmic baggage with me.  The moment I relaise I don’t need to do this, I can drop it ! in an instant !!
My karmic baggage disappears !!
We fear death without a logical reason.  The soul is eternal.  It has nothing to fear from death !  Death only affects the gross body, not the soul.

Over several lives, negative energy gets accumulated in the chakras.  Positive life-force can help cleanse the chakras.  Yet, the quantity of negative karmas takes us a long time to unblock and cleanse the chakras.  Don’t contaminate our life-force with negativity. 
Be full of positivity.   Be happy !!!

17th July 2011

Ahm Bhramasmi – You are the creator !!
You created the life you have at present.  Create a new life of your choice !!

Through the grace of guru, siddhas and God, through Shiva Yoga, sadhaks gain what would otherwise take years of practice to achieve.

Open your heart and let love flow.
Give energy without doubt.  Be in the process of total love !

After Shambhavi, your energy flows directly from the Agyna Chakra.  It has potency and power to achieve whatever you have thought.
Hence, let your intentions be pure.
Have attitude of gratitude.
Have unconditional love.
God is generous and omnipotent, so be bold in your asking for divine blessings.

Everyday, find a reason to be happy.
Everyday, find a reason to celebrate.

God is looking for ways to help you achieve your dreams.
So, have a fabulous goal ! 

If you are looking for ways to be happy, success and happiness will seek you.

Just as we chose different types of holidays – luxury, lazy beach, tracking, discovery, adventurous, volunteering, educational, pilgrimage etc – soul has chosen this body and this life to experience certain feelings, emotions, relationships etc.  We have paid for these experiences with our karmas. 

Enjoy the life as it is.  
Choose a new life.

Have a Million Dollar SMILE
Smile sends out great amount of positive energy.
Smile from every pore of your body.
Smile and give unconditional love.  This will improve your health and well being.  It will cheer up the rest of the family too.

Your heart’s function is to give life.  
Pumping the blood is only one function.

You are not the disease so don’t define yourself as a “diabetic” or “obese” or “hypertensive” etc. 

We are not the body – the body belongs to us.  
Disease is only a visitor to the body.  Order it to be gone !
Use your power as the Bhraman to heal yourself. 

18th July 2011

Jyot se jyot jagao – let your heart be illuminated by your guru.
Let the grace of Guru illuminate you. 
Be simple, without ego or false pride. 
Let the light of Guru’s instructions illuminate your innermost self and remove the darkness of ignorance.
Share yourself with those around you.  Be generous in your sharing.  Be generous in your love.  Love yourself too !!  You need to make sure you love “YOU”.

Most powerful “emotions” come from the navel.  Your logical mind thinks of things and when they become associated with emotional attachment, they travel to the centre of your physical body and operate from the navel – Manipur chakra.

Destruction and regeneration are within you.  They are yours to command.  Your thoughts will activate the cells and their DNA to achieve your goal – whatever it may be.

With the power of mantra, you can change even the DNA configuration of a person.  Your concentration and will power has to be strong enough to do this.  Use the Shambhavi to heal and repair your cells, your DNA, and the DNA of your descendants.
Only a tiny fraction of your DNA – 3% is “active”.  Rest is inactive.  Use your energy to activate the “inactive”!

If you resent life, if you want to die, if you feel depressed all the time, your DNA and cellular body will get your message and will stop repairing the broken cells.  Your body and your cells – even DNA, will go into “shut down” mode.  Why should it do any worthwhile work if the mind that commands it is telling it to die ?  Illness will result as the body will stop resisting disease.

Concentrate on what you want out of life – your body – and it will help you get it.  Whichever energy you concentrate on – positive or negative – that energy wins and you will have constructive or destructive life.

Mostly, we concentrate on the negative aspects of life, on things that have not gone wrong.  Rarely do we celebrate the joys of life.  As a result, our lives are sad and miserable, instead of being full of joy.  For many lifetimes, sadness has become habitual for us.  We are so used to sadness coming again and again, we have FAITH in sadness coming to us again and again.
Instead of faith in sadness, have faith in GOD !
Have faith in YOU !
Have guru’s grace remove your ignorance that you are a sinner or permanently destined for failure.  Awaken the Chitti Shakti with Guru’s grace and let it reconnect you to your true identity.

Expect good things from others around you, and good things will come your way. 
Have faith.  Have faith in the Universe!

You may be ignorant or foolish.  BUT, you are not a sinner not result of sin.  Your soul is divine!

When someone “worries” for you, they send negative energy to you, making you ill even more!  If you really love someone, if you want to do something good for you, send them positive energy / thoughts / blessings.  They will feel better.

As all biology students know, all the cells in our body are renewed on a regular basis.  All cells die and are renewed.  How comes when the cells are renewed, they are not healthy?  How do new cells receive the message to be well or ill?  If all faulty cells die off, how does the disease remain? 
Our faith in our illness keeps the illness alive.  We keep thinking and feeling that illness belongs to us, so the universe sends the illness to us.  So, get rid of the negative thoughts and ask for health and happiness instead, universe is sure to send it to you.

Practice Shiva Yoga for atleast for a month with faith, devotion and belief its capability.  Do the sadhana for a month at the very least after the course is finished to see it work in your life. Create the life you want with the grace and blessings for the Sanjeevani Shakti.  All you need to do is have is pure intentions, positive thoughts, strong faith, total devotion and absolute belief in the Shkti’s ability to make things happen for you.  
Don’t dither.
Don’t doubt.

Universe is like a mirror – it reflects YOU!
If you project sadness, that’s what you get sent back to you !  Project love, gratitude and happiness and that’s what you will get. 
Matters related to death, ghosts etc:-
Live each day as if its your last.  Enjoy it to the full.  Tell your loved ones HOW MUCH you love them.  You may not have that option tomorrow!

However, be detached from everyone at the time of death.  If you are attached to people, objects, emotions at the time of death, you will miss your opportunity to ascend and free yourself from the earthly / material bonds.  That’s why its best to keep the dead at peace, don’t disturb them with too much hew and cry.  Let the departing soul leave with good, clear memories. Don’t confuse.  Don’t hold them back.  That’s selfish on your part if you do. 

At the time of death, let your gross body go.
Let your various ethereal bodies – 2 till 5 – merge.  If they merge fully with the 5th – blissful body, you will have moksha – liberation.
If your soul leaves from the upper apertures of the body (eyes, nose etc), we can conclude the soul has departed for the upper worlds.
If there is evidence of stool or urine being passed the time of death, it is likely the soul has departed from these entrances and is destined to go to lower worlds.

At the time of death, beings of the “lok” (world) the soul is destined for, come to receive the soul.  If the soul is sufficiently advanced, ancestors and the Guru come to receive the dead soul too.  If, for whatever reason, (usually due to intense attachment) the soul does not go forward to the next world, it gets stuck in this world and becomes a ghost of sorts (good or bad). 

After death, the soul’s emotions multiply 1000 folds and they impact their nearest and dearest ones.  If +ve, they bring joy and happiness to the children.  If the soul harbours resentment, upsets, vengeance, anger, such a soul has so much negativity, it gets multiplied and the rest of the family suffers – sometimes for many years to come.  Such suffering caused by unhappy souls of ancestors is called “pitru-dosh”.

Our emotions, ego, desires, fears etc are intensified in the after-life.  Hungering to satisfy these, ghosts of the dead often seek instant solutions.  Hence it is best to practise good, +ve, powerful thoughts in life, so that we can continue to be +ve in the afterlife as well.  What you ask, is what you get, so project +ve feelings and emotions. 

At times of high emotions, such as celebrations, war, love, birth, death - souls that are trapped between lives gather to tap into the energy such high emotions create.  If the moment is opportune and karmic bonds sufficiently powerful, such souls can enter the bodies of people involved.  For example, if at the moment of copulation, if one of the souls nearby has sufficient karmic bonds with couple, it will enter the bodies and become their child.  Karmic bonds have to be sufficiently powerful for this to happen though.

Mrit-Sanjivani :-
You can use your knowledge of all this to help those ancestors who are stuck between lives / haven’t ascended to next life / are ghosts.  Helping your own ancestors will bring blessings on you, decrease their influence on your life and lessen your karmic load.  Having inherited their genes, we share some vibration frequency with them.  So when we help the pitrus (ancestors), we actually help ourselves too.  NOTE – be very careful though.  Don’t be tempted to use Mrit-Sanjivani to help any and every ghost that comes your way.  Interference in karmic bonds of multitude of souls who have no karmic bonds to you is not advisable.  Unless you know what you are doing, you may end up in quagmire of more karmic mess than you started with!

By offering your prayers through the Sun god – Surya – you can help your ancestors ascend to higher lokas and be liberated from misery in lower life forms.  If you want to help your children as well, use the Mrit-Sanjivani to help the ancestors of your spouse as well – afterall, they will have inherited genes from your side as well as your spouse !

According to Hindu scriptures, we owe debt of gratitude to the following people in our lives –

Ancestor - By using pinda-daana / liberating them / helping them to ascend to higher life forms
Parents - By making them happy
Guru - By strict obedience
Spouse - By loving them
Employer - By loyalty
Those who have helped you - By self-lessly helping others
Place where you were born - By being loyal
Place where you live now - By being a model citizen

Everytime you borrow or “take” something from others, you share in their karmas.  Loans, etc need to be repaid – otherwise you incur karmic bonds.
Lottery, gambling etc is bad or karmic bonds too.

Best way to make money is the honest way.  That incurs least bonds,
Money you get given by parents or inherit is fine.  Though u should do something for those you inherit from.

Only way to gain wealth and not incur karmic bonds or debt is to ask God, what he gives, he gives without karmic bonds.

Energy patterns of a place are very important.  Either you create the energy patterns or you take on the patterns that are already there.
Every object emits energy. 
Homes have their own energy too.
Some make us happy, others sap our energy.  Happy houses give you feelings of contentedness, calm, peace, happiness, joy and inspire you.  Sad houses cause sickness, irritability, fights, poverty etc.  On entering a place, you can usually “feel” its vibrations.

Energy flow in houses works like osmosis, your energy and that of the house drain or gain till you are at equilibrium.

There are two ways (internal and external)to increase the energy of a place – Sadhana and Yantra.
As a Shambhavi sadhak, you can emit +ve energy and transmute a negative house in to a +ve house.  No need to break walls or change direction of things – just through your sadhana change the vastu of the house. 
You can also use “vastu correction” to make the place emit +ve energy using yantras.  Matsya Yantra stops evil influences coming in. 
Sumangal Yantra has three yantras in it – Ganesh & Lakshmi yantra, Nava-graha yantra and Guru yantra.  They ensure peace, prosperity and abundance.
Mrutunjay yantra grants health.
Shri Yantra grants happiness and wealth.

Use the yantra, mantra and sadhana to heal a place.
Above all though, be sure what you want in life – because universe will grant you what you really WANT.

Shivyog Shivir London 2011

Shree Vidhaya 19th July 2011

Shri Vidya has ancient antecedent.
The trinity, heavenly gods, siddhas, 7 great rishis, Hayagriv, Agatsya, Lopa Mudra, Dattatreya, Parshurama, Adi Shankaracharya etc have all studied the Shri Vidya in great detail.

Shri Vidya is the worship of the universal sprit in purely monotheistic way (Advaita = non-duality = monotheism)

If your consciousness is high, you can gain material as well as spiritual benefits from following the Sri Vidya and not incur any karmic bonds.
If your consciousness is low, you will gain less than what you seek.  You may gain only what is due to you from your karmic balances.

If you seeking to release your karmas and are trying to attain higher consciousness, your mantra sadhana will help you accelerate your growth.
If you are at a lower level of consiousness and are only trying to gain wealth for wealth sake, mantra sadhana will help you gain wealth by en-cashing your karmas from future lives, but this will eventually leave you in the karmic deficit.

When your karmic bonds are released, God grants your wishes anyway – because you have than made yourself worthy of such grace.  Once you have done away with your bonds, you are at “sama-bhava” – equanimity.  In the state of total balance, you have no attachment to anyone or anything.  No attachment, no bondage !  Without bondage, you can enjoy everything and still incur no karmic load for this life or lives hereafter.

You must focus your energy and time.  Results will happen !

There are many ways to worship God.  Sama sadhana is as valid a method as the Aghor sadhana.  Some may wear red, white, and ochre, black or even remain naked.  But they are all seek the divine. Do not criticise other people’s approaches to divinity.  The path may be many, the goal is the same.

Recitation of beja (seed) mantras creates vibrations which spread out in the 5 bodies (koshas) we have.  The depth and sincerity of our pronunciation shows up in the resultant effects of the mantras. 

We speak in different “voices” - 
Vaikhari - Voice we can hear 
Para – this is the voice of the soul and reaches to the soul of the universe
Our voice creates a “nada” – vibrations.  These vibrations have an “energy” shakti associated with them.  (Wave is a form of energy)  When the shakti resonates at the level of Para-vani, you are speaking to the Bhrahaman – soul of the universe.

If the mantra, yantra or tantra worships the divine in Advaita form (pure monotheistic / non-dual form), and the sadhak is totally sincere, the results can be seen in an instant.

Do not be attached to a “form” of the divine.  Such an attachment is also a form of (higher) illusion.  Like an actor, Divine has no fixed form and so takes the form it chooses to suite the situation.  To truly love GOD, accept the divine in ALL its different forms. 
Do not ever try to convert others to your views by force.
Trying to forcefully control others is the truest form of “sin”.
Do not control others through pain, fear, greed, hate etc.  Such emotions are not good for your spiritual growth.
Just as you should not control others, do not let others control you through pain, fear, greed, hate etc either.
Just as it is wrong to control others, it’s wrong to willingly let yourself be controlled by others.
Your motivation for any actions – especially spiritual, should be unconditional love, desire to help, kindness, feeling of abundance, faith. 

In merger, there is no separation (dvaita / duality). 
In merger, there is no “attachment” – as after attachment, there is no duality !

Shri Vidya –
Cycles of creation and destruction are balanced via Shri Vidya.
Sadhak used the -
Destructive capacity of the vidya is used to destroy the karmic bonds.
Creative capacity of the Shri Vidya is used to create the future you want.
This sadhana can help you gain spiritual and temporal benefits.

Adi Shankaracharya (~700AD) was a great exponent of Shri Vidya and established Shri Chakra sadhana all over India.  When he beheld the beauty of (Shiva) Shivaa, he was moved to write the fantastic Saundraya Laheri (wave(s) of beauty).

To understand such wonderful scriptures, you have to meditate on them.  Only through silent, deep meditation can you understand the inner language that reveals the secrets of the Saundarya Laheri.

Divine beauty is within us.  Universe is within us.  We simply have to realise, recognise and experience this.
The soles of our feet are the lowest regions of the universe, the Muladhar Chakra is its middle – where the Earth is.  From Manipur Chakra, we get into the regions above and by Sahastradhar, we are in the highest heaven of all.

This same truth is mentioned in Purush - Sukta of the Vedas.
The same truth was shown to Arjun in the Vishwa-rupa darshan during the great war (SMB Geeta – chapter 11)
There are 10 main or Maha Vidyas - main forms of the great Goddess.
There are 11 Rudras.
There are 10 / 24 incarnations of Vishnu
There are 10 Aditayas (forms of the Sun)
There are 2 forms of Brahama Vidya (Sagun and Nirgun)
All these are consolidated in the singular Shri Vidya.

You have come to this fantastic course because God and Guru have willed it so.  They love you so much, they wanted to reveal this inner most knowledge to you.  Rejoice. God has selected you to be here.  God wanted you to be blessed, transformed.  God LOVES YOU

Nectar of bliss flows in the true Shiva Yogi. 
True Shiva Yogi lives intoxicated by this wonderful bliss.

We never see people as they are.  
We see the world as we are, Like a mirror, it reflects our inner-self.

20th July 2011

Along with Saundarya Lehari and Shri Vidya, Adi Shankara instituted the worship of Shri Yantra. 
Shri Vidya is also called the Sanket Vidya (knowledge of the (divine) symbols)
This is the highest form of Kundalini Vidya and Sadhana
Goddess Lalita Tripur Sundari is the presiding deity of the Shri yantra.
Your Shri Yantra should be in a single piece – it should not be broken or have screws etc.
Ideally, it should be made of metal.  More often than not, the stone / crystal ones are not as accurately made as the metal cast ones.

In essence, Shri Yantra has 9 triangles that intersect / interlock and radiate out from a bindu.
4 upward triangles are forms of the Shiva.
5 downward triangles are forms of the Shivaa – devi.

In a three dimensional yantra - 
The base is essentially a square with 3 steps.  There are 4 projections – one in each cardinal direction from these steps.
After the steps, there are 3 circles.
There is a flower of 16 petals.
Next, there is a flower of 8 petals.
Next level has 14 triangles
This is followed by 10 triangles
Next level also has 10 triangles
Followed by 8 triangles.
Final level is a singular triangle.
There a bindu – rising like a Shiva lingam from the centre of this top triangle.

Angles, relative sizes, proportions, directions etc of each elements of the Shri Chakra are exact and dictated by conventions in various yantra and tantra scriptures.

Crystals and the “golden book” should be kept with the Shri Chakra so that your worship can give you the results you want.
The sadhana room should be separate if possible.  It should be a peaceful place and should have natural light.  It should be clean and uncluttered. 
You can worship the Shri Yantra with dry kumkum on a daily basis.  
During worship the Shri Yantra should be kept open.  Afterwards, it should be covered up in a red cloth.

When doing sadhana, do the usual pranayam, invocation etc.
Let the grace of God descend on your sahastradhar.
Bathe yourself in the nectar of the divine light.  Let the Shri Chakra within you be covered with this grace.
Let the meru and its triangles rotate in all direction within you. 
Let the nectar flow through you and overflow into the universe around you.
Recitation of the mantras will cause the Shri Chakras in each cell within you to rotate in infinite direction with infinite speed.

Be precise in what you ask of the universal spirit.
It does not read your mind or second guess you – so be precise in your request.
Shri Vidya will grant you what you want, as long as you are precise and pure of intensions.
Do not ever try to deprive others of what they have.  Do not hurt them, cause irritation or hate others.  If your wishes spring from such negative emotions, universe will not grant such negative wishes.
You can get whatever you want if you help others get what they want. 

1) Perfect your mind, body and sprit through your sadhana.
2) Do seva without any desire for personal gain, name, fame or status.
3) Do sankirtan, sing the name of God with other sadhaks.
4) Follow the normal rules of Yoga – yam, niyam, ahinsa, asthey etc.

Creating your own destiny through Time management –
Make a list of all the things you do in a day.
Give them priority listing of A = essential ; B = Useful ; C= frivolous
Analyse your activities.
If you want to be “A” in your life, abandon all C category actions and focus on A category actions.

Physical connection with guru has limits – physical limits.
Psychic connection with your guru has no limits.  It can happy day, night, sleep etc !
Remember, “Guru” is not a physical entity.  It’s a spiritual shakti.  It permeates the universe.  It is everywhere.  Learn to tap into this inexhaustible source of divine assistance and you will always have your “guru” near you.

Nichiketa Agni (fire) is
1) Attitude of Gratitude
2) Unconditional Love
3) Forgiveness

21st July 2011

Be humble.
Offer your ego to your God and your Guru.
Seed has a hard, impenetrable shell.  To grow, the seed has to be shattered.  There is no other way to release the potential of a giant tree to grow from that tiny seed.  Guru’s Shkti-pata breaks the shell of the student’s ego.  Student than transforms and grows.  (Maybe because as toddlers we are ego-less that we learn so much so rapidly in nursery and take a lot longer to learn later in life)

Attitude of Gratitude is essential in life.
Be grateful to God, Guru, Teachers, Saints.
Their grace will transform you from the earthy “you” > liquid / fluid “you”  > fiery you > > airy you > vast you > light !
This is the sadhak’s progress from Muladhar to Sahastradhar.

Religions and institutions they spawn are man-made.  Do not be bound by their limitation. 

This human body is made of the 3 gunas – satva, rajas and tamas.
It craves approval and “love” from others around it.
Nirgun – the formless soul within you – is beyond such petty emotions.  It does not crave approval, it is not attached.  It appreciates that though it may have nothing, IT is EVERYTHING 

It is the light, it is the joy.  It is the life everlasting.  
(These words – often used in the Christian prayer – are actually to be addressed to your own soul – because you are your own saviour !)
Today Babaji sang the mantras of Jain, Sikh and Hindu sects as part of meditation.

Guru awakens the knowledge / wisdom / shakti in the sadhak. 
Shakti / knowledge / wisdom is within.
What you awaken depends on you – your capacity.  Guru’s grace is infinite.  Expand yourself to match the grace of guru.  Don’t be small minded / spirited !!
Your actual innate capacity is infinite.  Are you willing to experience that ?
To experience and expand yourself to that level of GREATNESS, you need to be VAST in your love for everyone !!!

Soul / Life-force does not discriminate.   
Mind / intellect attaches the 3 gunas to the things it encounters and discriminates based on “Likes” and “Dislikes”.
Mind has the capacity to create misery or happiness or blessing.
Having stored “experiences” of several thousand lives, mind accumulates the desires and karmas of lives which bind it and give it its distinctive “nature” and “characteristics”.
You, as the soul who is in charge if everything, can override the mind and order it abandon all such baggage it has been dragging with it for the last 1000 lives.  By doing this, you can abandon the “misery” attitude  the mind is lording over you.
Command your mind, emotions and body to be under your control.

Set your goals. 
Be precise.
You only get what you aim for.  So aim HIGH.

Written by
Bhagwat Shah….Thank You

Namah Shivaya
Unconditional Love to all 


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