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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ShivYog Mumbai Shivir Feb 2011

ShivYog Siddha and Shambhavi Dhyan & Healing:

Atma (Soul) is the Life Force Energy which takes the energy from the param-atma & Mind is the Machine which creates by taking the Energy from the Atma. Your Mind is continuously creating either by knowingly or unknowingly.

Emotions create Spandhan, which creates changes in your Life. Mother Earth is in the middle of the 14 Dimensional Layers of the Universe.

Every physical object is made u of Energy and Energy is made u of Vibrations. Vibrations are created by your Emotions and Mind. Mind is the creator of Good Emotions and Bad Emotions. Mind has to be in the process of creating emotions, so why don’t you let your mind create the Good Emotions, which is good for your Self.
Healing of Body, Mind and Soul. Who am I? I am this body, no this body belongs to me. I am this Mind? No, this Mind is mine. I am the SOUL.

ShivYog depends on Non-duality and non-duality means Simplicity. Acharya means what I am inside I speak that and I behave like that. After Acharya comes the Siddhatva an then comes the Harihanthanam i.e. param-atma. The one who understands these 3 i.e. the Body, Mind and Soul he will become ShivYogi. Atma is the source of Life. Veda’s named Atma as the Brahma and the wisdom (Gyan) which we receive through ShivYog is called Brahma Gyan. The knowledge of Self. The one who haves the knowledge of the Self, he can materialize anything with your Atma-Bal. The very first knowledge of Self is that I am Omni present. I am everywhere. Always witness what ever is happening. Don’t involve in any incident just witness. The Soul writes its own Soul Script. The place where the Atma is situated is the place of Nirguna Nirakhara Avastha. Happiness and Sorrow is the phenomenon of Body Consciousness. When Mind is liberated neither Happiness nor Sorrow exists.

Astral Body is the mind body, the body which is created by the Vibrations of thoughts. Atma does not gets involve in happiness nor Sadness, it is always in the state of Nirgun Nirakhar. Atma is always there to give the Life Energy. Atma gives and mind creates and body is the matter which is created. Sanchit Karmas and believe systems guides our Mind what to create. Swami Ramalinga who meditates on Light, merged with light at Last. Child playing is the playing of the Nature. Create the feeling of Happiness and Love at your home and with everyone. Learn to go closer to the Soul. Closer to the Soul means Bliss, Happiness and Unconditional Love. Start this from your home. All your family members are together a Soul Group, they have came together to learn the lesson of Unconditional Love and the Lesson of Acceptance. Accept everyone the way they are. Evolution is the principle of Nature.

Work with Ideal not Idea. We work with Idea that’s why we don’t get God.

Mind is the creator, Soul is the course. If soul is not there mind cannot create.

ShivYog says Truth is the Atma the param-atma. Atma is situated everywhere. Atma is the Omni present.

Merge your Body with the Mind, Mind with the Atma and merge Atma with the param-atma. This is called as the Guru, Shakti and Shiv. Guru is the Body, Energy is the Shakti and Vibrations is the Atma i.e. Shiva. Guru comes in the form of Body and changes your Energy and Energy creates Vibrations i.e. Shiva (Soul/Atma).

Religion is based on Fear and Greed. Body is created by our emotions. Every incident near by me is created by my emotions. Emotions are created by Mind and Mind takes the Life Force Energy form the Soul, which is You the Real “I”.

Every Mantras created by Siddha Guru’s is to create the emotion of Gratitude within you.

Soul is the resource, it’s a Nirgun everything can be created with this Soul either happiness or sorrow, diseases or healthy life etc. If you want to balance the Mind, Body and the Soul then first bring the feeling of gratitude within you. Offer gratitude to everyone who so ever have came into your life.

Ego in the Mind takes you away from the Soul. If a child leaves his parents hand at any place then there are the chances of child getting kidnapped, similarly if you are disconnected with the Shiva (Supreme) then you may get kidnapped by devil i.e. devilish energy.

Physical body is the outcome created by mind and the resource is the SOUL. ShivYog is giving love and receiving love. If you want to Allign your body, mind and soul then love everyone unconditionally. For every gratitude & unconditional love of yours, it will make you future successful & bright. Miracles are bound to happen.

Mind Vibrates at 3 Levels:-
At every level it takes life from soul & processes it.
a). 1st is Idea – Logic Mind
b). 2nd is the Gut Feeling.
c). 3rd is the Inner Consciousness.

A Shivyogi always feels with the Inner Consciousness and always creates knowingly.

Now you have sanjeevani you create by feeling with your Inner Consciousness which is also called as Kinesthetic. When you feel with your Inner Consciousness you create the Truth i.e. what you want and sanjeevani helps you.

Your Five bodies are in one alignment no one can break it, none of the diseases can break it. If you 5 bodies are in dis-alignment then diseases are bound to come. All your cells should be in one Rhythm. It should flow with Harmony. Every time you have to keep your emotions in “Sam-bhav” Always create the emotion of happiness. Do not make your emotion “commotion”. “Har Haal Mein Kushi”

When there is a strong emotion of Fear and Anxiety it causes Heart Diseases. Lack of confidence causes Ulcer in the body. Continuous feeling of irritation causes skin diseases. A deep feeling of resentment causes “Cancer”.

Manomaya Kosha has conscious mind, sub-conscious mind and super conscious mind. Every thought which you create with the emotion it becomes reality (Thing). Shivyogi creates emotions through knowingness.

Left portion of your body represents your Mother and right portion of your body represents your Father. If you are very emotionally attached with your husband and if there is any unresolved issues then your right portion will have problem and similarly vice versa.

Emotion of Sorrow, replace it with love. Replace with your Inner Consciousness.

Pure intention is important for materializing your Golden Book. Controversies are unresolved issues. Don’t waste your energy in thinking of your past karma’s, issues & controversies. Past is Dead its called as “Irandha Kalam”.

Healing powers increases with purity of intensions, thoughts, emotions, body etc. Sanjeevani creates everything, but your intentions should be pure. The 12 houses of Horoscope is for your body experience. In shivyog everything is possible. I am Invincible “Aham Brahma Samey” In shivyog you have to make a total alignment of your Body, Mind and Soul. All you sanchit karma’s get dissolved by this alignment. Every organ vibrates at a particular vibrational frequency.

Law of Physics says that Energy from higher level flows to the lower level. Do not think of any negative person because you create a bridge between you and him and you start receiving his negative energy, and after some days you too become negative. Seek and it is given to the Seeker. You must be worthy of Seeking.

If you are strongly attached to your past karma’s then part or fragment of your soul gets stuck in that past incident. Whenever you do shivyog sadhana you bring back the part or fragment of your soul, which was stuck in your past karma’s. You Soul become complete and you will get illuminated to light and get close to the Atma, the Soul.

Outer action is 3% and inner reaction is 97%. I must react positively and lovingly to any given situation. “Har Haal Kushi”. When you become unhappy your pranamaya kosha gets shrinked. Death is not the death of the individual; it’s the death of the physical body. Create a strong burning desire and just create. Continue to create always until you achieve it. Creation is done through your Inner Consciousness. Logic never creates. Inner wisdom creates. Feel and create. Do not just create once and leave and sleep on that desire. Now create everything by knowingly. Shivyog is Knowingness. Any thought which comes to your mind it gives birth to the vibration, vibrations gives birth to the energy and that energy gives birth to physical reality, according to the Law of Quantum Physics.

You are the Son of the creator so create. You are not the Son of the Judge so never judge anyone.

Jab Koi Bath Bigad Jaye, Jab Koi Mushkil Ha Jaye,
Tum Lena Shiv Ka Naam Namaha Shivaya”
“Na Koi Tha, Na Koi Hai, Mere Shiv Ke Siva,
Tum Lena Shiv Ka Naam Namaha Shivaya”
“Namaha Shivaya, Namaha Shivaya, Namaha Shivaya, Namaha Shivaya, Om Namaha Shivaya, Namaha Shivaya”.

Shiva is the Soul and Soul exists within your Inner Consciousness. Wakeup from within your Inner Consciousness, outside will be brightness every where.

Once there was a Ship sailing in the Antarctica, ice land and suddenly a ship got struck with the Ice and one of the man felt down from the ship into the ice. One of the person came running and told to the Captain of the Ship that one of our person felt down from the ship into the Ice. The captain replied and said “oh then is difficult for us to remove him and there are very less chances of him to be alive, no way can we save his life”. Then soon another person came running and told the Captain that the person who felt in the Ice is your own Son, Captain. Then captain suddenly made arrangements of taking his son out of the ice and gave orders to make the room hot and then they saved the life. The message is that the information told to the captain firstly he took it with his logic mind and when it came to his own son, the second time when he got the message; it touched his Heart, i.e. Inner Consciousness.

Any incidents don’t think it with your brain, just bring it to the present and send your unconditional love and Sanjeevani from your inner consciousness. Tell your father (Shiva) that problem is for your Son and create with your inner consciousness.

It is the Soul who created this physical body. It is the Soul which created the environment around you, in order to make you learn a lesson. Start creating before speaking. Don’t create after you are in problem, create before and there will be no problem. Always create the emotion of happiness, confidence, success, belief, love etc. when I will always speak with my inner consciousness then I will not speak lies.

Your hands are connected with your Brain. Your right hand is connected with the left hemisphere of the brain and left hand is connected with the right hemisphere of the brain.

What I am thinking today 96% was thought yesterday and 94% was thought day before yesterday and 97% to 98% will be thought tomorrow. Person’s thoughts are his sanchit karma’s. What consciousness is created is stored in your sub-consciousness and your sub-consciousness is handling your consciousness. Now when you start creating and feeling with your Inner / Supreme Consciousness it starts dissolving all the sanchit karma’s stored in the sub-consciousness and Gyanamaya Kosha.

Write all your Goals in your Golden Book. Write it in the Present Tense. The language of Truth is the language of present tense. At higher level it’s only the present moment. Its only the present moment, present is the truth. If your goal is truthful then you can feel it easily with your inner consciousness. If it is not truthful goal then you cannot feel it with your inner consciousness. It’s an ACID test. Write down your Golden Book. Invoke Sanjeevani and feel your Golden Book goals with your inner consciousness, daily in the morning and before sleeping. Keep the golden book on the small table besides your head before sleeping.

Now onwards start feeling and stop thinking. This whole universe and the power of the whole universe is the power of Intention. What you want to achieve make that that intention only for 24 hrs in a day.

You are Micro and that Universe is Macro, then with Butterfly effect it starts tapping from the Macro Universe.

Judge means final decision and Creator means beginning, beginning of everything and creating. You are the creator not the judge.

In Logic you will say truth is false but in inner consciousness you will only feel the truth and speak truth. Every incident from now onwards feel it with your inner consciousness. Never mind how bad and painful the incident is, it will get illuminated when you feel it with your inner consciousness. When your inner consciousness rises you’re “Lagima” and “Mahima” gets Siddhi.

When you meditate on “Shivalingam” your vibrations gets raised. Every Shivyog Masters and the Quantum Physics say that your every moment should be of purest of the pure intention. Tum Chahate kya Ho, ab ye chahana nahi, Intention create karo, Bhaavna paidha karo.

Gunghat ke pat khol re tohe Shiva milenge, Gunghat ke pat khol, pat khol re tohe Shiva milenge”. Gunghat is a thought and when that thought disappears i.e. Gunghat hata then it becomes Intention and you will get Shiva.

Jesus Christ said “Seek and that shall be given to the Seeker”. Every work you do, do it with intention. Work with Ideology. You are Invincible.

Physiologists say only 3% of your mind is Active and rest 97% is In-active i.e. dumping ground. Dumping ground of painful physic impressions, and these creates fear, phobia’s etc.

Feeling is important. Success must be your Instinct. The lower portion of your Sushumna Nadi carries Tamhoguni Karma’s, middle portion Rajaguni Karma’s and upper portion carries Satoguni Karma’s.

Shiva is associated with the Universe and Natraj is the dance of the Rhythm.

Every Human being has a Light surrounded by him. Infact every object is surrounded by the Light. Our Chakra’s attracts Life Force Energy. Pranamaya Kosha is a Twin body, of our physical body.

Your Endocrine System secrets hormones. The Hormonal secretion is of various forms. Always create happiness you will secrete a life giving hormones. Bring the emotion of Love and Happiness you will arrest Aging and you will be young and handsome forever.

Shivyog - Shree Vidya Sadhana:

Shree Vidya Sadhana is the most Sacred and Secret Sadhana of ShivYog. Shree Vidya Sadhana is not possible without GURU. Lord Shiva, Narayan Hari, and all other God-Goddesses, Saptha Rishi’s, Maha Rishi’s have done this sacred Shree Vidya Sadhana.

Agasth Mahamuni received Shree Vidya Upadesh from Ayagreeva (form of Lord Vishnu). Agasth Mahamuni created his wife Lophamudra as beautiful and as he wanted, with his Thaphobal. Mother Lophamudra also became the great devotee of Shree Vidya Sadhana.

No other Mantra is as powerful as Shree Vidya Manta. No other Sadhana is as powerful as Shree Vidya Sadhana. Shree Vidya breaks all the negativity. Shree Vidya Sadhana is Sarwopari. It creates lots of Shakti with this Sadhana. After some days a person gets a “Vak – Siddhi” by doing Shree Vidya Sadhana.

ShivYog is the Adhara before doing the Shree Vidya Sadhana. Shakti requires Adhar. When you open ups fully you get ready and you become “Supathra” to receive the Shree Vidya. The whole Universe secrets are hidden in Shree Vidya Sadhana. Your Levitation process will start with the Shree Vidya Sadhana. Shree Vidya Sadhana is the phenomenon of the Infinite Dimensions. Maharishi’s kept this secret and gave deeksha only to the Supathra’s. Lord Dattatreya is the Siddha of the Shree Vidya Sadhana.

Siddha’s have Sankalph Shakti. Sankalph is not done by thinking, it is done by “Bhaav” feeling. “Bhaavna Sudh Honi Chaiye”. The purity of intention is absolutely important. Make your inner consciousness as a daily routine for creating. Bagawan Datt is the ansh of Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh. The Guru of all the Guru’s is Lord Dattatreya.

Whenever you ShivYogi’s do Sadhana daily morning and evening their Ancestors (Pithra’s) gets ascended and they shower lots of blessings. Ego gives birth to Anger, Fear and Greed. Ego makes you Nishtej.

When you are something, you are not Shiva, and when you are nothing you becomes Shiva.

We experience the Death many times by the way thinking the fear of the death.

The whole Lalitha Sahasranama is the “Granth”. Every name in the Sahasranama is a Granth in coded language. Granth of the Self. Saundarya Lahari is the description of Beauty of the Goddess.

Sadhana are of three types.
1) Vedic Sadhana: Where Shiv is more and Shakti is on second line.
2) Tantropth Sadhana: Shakti Sadhana where Shakti is more and Shiv is on the Second Line.
3) Sabhar Sadhana: Shiva and Shakti.

Saundarya Lahari is a very high level powerful Tantropth Sadhana. Any wisdom received from Guru please meditate on that wisdom. You will not get the True wisdom until and unless you meditate on the wisdom you received through Guru.

Adishakaracharya once went to the Mount Kailasha to meet Lord Shiva and Shakti. Lord Shiva told the divine mother that he is your Son and gave him the Saundarya Lahari Granth. Then Adishakaracharya left the place and Lord Shiva then thought that if the whole secrets of the divine mother are given to Adishakaracharya in the form of Saundarya Lahari Granth then he will not meditate on this wisdom. So lord Shiva then sent his Nandigan to bring back the Saundarya Lahari from Adishakaracharya. Nandigan went to Adishakaracharya and asked to give the Granth back, Adishakaracharya refused to give then they both began to pull the Granth and the Granth became into two parts. Nandigan took one part of the Granth and another part was left with the Adishakaracharya. Adishakaracharya then meditated on the Granth and made it full.

Adishakaracharya divided Shree Vidya into 2 parts:
1) Shree Vidya Upasana.
2) Shree Vidya Adwaith Sadhana.

Shree Vidya Upasana is the Pooja of the Shree Chakra “Maha Meru”. It is very powerful Upasana which gives abundance. Only Naboodri Brahman’s have the knowledge of this Shree Chakra Avaran Pooja. Avaran Pooja is very powerful and very bigger process to perform. It includes Pooja of each and every God and Goddess residing on the Maha Meru.

Shree Vidya Sadhana is the most powerful than Shree Chakra Avaran Pooja. Shree Vidya is Adwaith Sadhana where you and Goddess i.e. Maha Meru are One. You merge with the divine Shakti and perform Sadhana. Whenever we do Shree Vidya Sadhana always offer gratitude to the Adishakaracharya. Bagwathi Tripura is on the “Panchaprethasanarud” which means Goddess is having the Adhara (Support) of 5 Gods.

In reality Maha Meru is not a 3 dimensional but it’s a multi-dimensional. If you want to grow in further deeksha’s then you have to complete surrender to the Shakti and one should have Sudh Bhaavna i.e. the pure intention.

Shree Chakra or Maha Meru where the 4 upward triangles represents the Shiva and the 4 downward triangles represents the Shakti.

Maha Meru Description:

1). Square and the 3 Circles (Bhopur) of Maha Meru represents the Mother Earth.

2). 16 Petals of the Maha Meru represents the Chandrama (Moon) and it’s Solaha (16) Kalaye and its Solaha (16) Nithya’s.

3). 8 Petals of the Maha Meru represents the 8 forms of Lord Shiva.

4). 14 Petals of the Maha Meru represents the 14 dimensions of the Universe, 7 upward dimensions and 7 downward dimensions. 14 dimensions Goddess is Mata Bhuvaneshwari. “Chaudha Bhuvanoki Rani Mata Bhuvaneshwari”. “Shakti Beeja Rupinye, Hrim Karinye, Mata Bhuvaneshwari”.

5). 10 triangles (Baya Dashar) of the Maha Meru represents the 10 forms of Lord Vishnu / Narayan Hari.

6). 10 triangles (Antar Dashar) of the Maha Meru represents the 10 forms of Sun.

7). 8 triangles of the Maha Meru represents the 8 forms of Lord Shiva.

8). 3 triangles of the Maha Meru represents the 3 forms of Goddess, Maha Kali, Maha Laxmi & Maha Sarawati. “Trigunathmakh Swaroop of Shakti”.

9). Bindu at the top of the Maha Meru represents the Mother Lalitha Tripura Sundari.

Remember that “Mukth hona yani apne pariwaar se nahi, Mukth hona apne emotions se, karmo se”. Liberation means not running away from your home & family. Liberation is following your responsibilities and giving unconditional love. Liberation means I must be equal, I must resolve, I must be unconditional to every one. The one who gets liberated will not expect from anyone, but he him self loves everyone who so ever comes in front of him. Unconditional Love is the Liberation.

Remember one thing, whenever there is a strong unresolved issues, the part of your Soul remains stuck & you remains incomplete. When you do Shree Vidya Sadhana, the Soul which was stuck in darkness, which ever dimension it may be, it comes back to you and your Soul becomes complete and full. This becomes fullness “Poornatha”.

Bhagya of the human being is divided into 66% his Bhagya & 33% the Bhagya of the place where he is staying. Feel with your inner consciousness. When you merge your inner consciousness with the universal consciousness, you can create anything.

Experience the Sansar well, do not kill the Mind, never let die the voice of your Self. Learn to listen to your Antarkarn (Inner Voice), the voice of the Self. Any decision you take listen to the voice of your inner self, your decision will be successful. See and feel your Bhaav, intention. Feel your intention before speaking. Ask god anything you want but also ask him to raise your consciousness. Any thing you achieve may your consciousness keep on rising. Never let your consciousness come down, than what you have achieved. Therefore Lord Krishna said 200% life, 100% your Sansarik achievement and 100% achieve God. Never say anything is bad. The gross level of Goddess Lalitha Tripura Sundari is of 3 forms such as Maha Kali, Maha Laxmi & Maha Saraswati. Whenever your consciousness rises your Will power also rises. Never let Ego come to you.

Morning and Night compulsory do Sadhana, don’t forget it. Remaining day experience fully your world. Make your fundamentals absolutely clear. When you sit for the Sadhana experience the Inner Happiness. You will find a Balance in your Life. If your intention is pure you are a spiritual person no matter whatever you are doing or whatever you are wearing. You are born to give unconditional love to as many as you can. When you come closer to your inner consciousness you start creating. You are not the Son of the Judge; you are the Son of the Creator. You must create. First create your Bhaavna; you will use your energy in the creating. Inner Consciousness is Sthir, Mind is Asthir. Shiv is in your inner consciousness. Be humble & humility. More you are humble you becomes pure and pure. Never be someone, be nothing and you will be Infinite.

You have now received the ShivYog Spiritual Wealth. Use this shivyog spiritual wealth for your growth. The Soul emits the life and mind (the machine) process it and creates it. The creating of the mind depends upon your consciousness.

Whenever you go to the Guru, always have the intention of receiving, not giving. Your intention towards your guru should be to receive the Grace.

Learn to say NO with Confidence. The person becomes outshine who stands on his principles. Do not make bad habits with any of your friends, they may try to make you become bad but you have to confidently say No.

You may see some roads where there always accidents occurs, it indicates that there is an Devilish Astral world staying there and they try to take you into their group & increase their power. They will attack only the person who is having a low Will power, who has drifted from his Soul (Atma). Whatever Ideal you have created do not deviate from it. Never connect your emotions to others and never let others emotions to connect with you. Always connect your emotions with your Self (Soul).

Everyone should follow particular systems. No one is beyond or above the systems. You create systems in your life. Any thought or any decision in your life, you take it after rising above your 3 Guna’s.

Our country is a Giant. Our Culture is Infinite. Any failure is not a failure; there is always a seed of success in the incident of the failure. Learn to find the seed of the Success in that failure, and grow up and move further make it a big successful tree. Emotions is your power, do not stuck your emotions outside. Every work you should take as a high stride and high streed.

Bless You All

Namaha Shivaya………..Love You All… :) :)


Chetan said...

namah shivay sir, thank you for this fabulous blog. I would like to know about babaji's next mumbai shivir.

-- Chetan Patil , SHivyogi


Vik said...

Please accept my gratitude from the bottom of my heart for this immensely divine knowledge sharing. I respect your efforts for collectin g this wisdom of self that is never been revealed earlier.