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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mumbai Shivir February - 2011

ShivYog Mumbai Shivir February 2011. Date: 14th Feb to 25th Feb 2011 Venue: Shanmukhananda Hall, Matunga, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400019. Details: Divine Satsang & Mass Healing 14 & 15 Feb - 06:00 pm Registration & Entry Card Distribution 16 Feb - 10:00 am to 04:00 pm Siddha Dhyan & Healing 17 to 19 Feb -08:00 am to 06:00 pm Shambhavi Dhyan & Healing 20 to 22 Feb -08:00 am to 06:00 pm Shree Vidya Sadhna 23 to 25 Feb -08:00 am to 06:00 pm The first two days is the evening session'Divine Satsang & Mass Healing' which is an open program and no registration is needed. During the satsang Babaji invokes the divine grace and people get healed. In Siddha Dhyan & Healing you receive the empowerment to become a carrier of the Divine Sanjeevni Shakti enabling you to heal your Body, Mind & Soul and also help others to heal. To participate in the Siddha Healing and subsequent programs you need to pre-register. The registration donation for the programs is as follows: Siddha Dhyan & Healing - Rs. 3500/- , for VIP seats Rs. 7000/-, for Donor seats (front row) Rs. 10000/- Shambhavi Dhyan & Healing - Rs. 3500/-, for VIP seats Rs. 7000/-, for Donor seats (front row) Rs. 10000/- Shree Vidya Sadhna - Rs. 3500/-, for VIP seats Rs. 7000/-, for Donor seats (front row) Rs. 10000/- THE SEATS WILL BE NUMBERED AND THOSE WHO REGISTER EARLY WILL GET FRONT SEATS IN THEIR CATEGORY. THOSE WHO REGISTER IN GENERAL CATEGORY FOR ALL THE THREE PROGRAM AT ONCE IN ADVANCE WILL BE GIVEN THE SEATS JUST AFTER THE VIP SEATS.
Kindly send the forms after duly filling up to Delhi directly with appropriate DD, payable to "World Spiritual Healing Foundation" payable at New Delhi. DELHI ADDRESS: Inner Strength Foundation D 170, Sector 8, Dwarka New Delhi - 110075 YOU MAY ALSO MAKE PHOTOCOPIES OF THIS FORM AND DISTRIBUTE TO OTHER SADHAKS. Download Registration Form: - Mention Mumbai Shivir Date and Address
Write your Name and Mobile Number behind the Demand Draft. After Filling The form Keep the Xerox Copy of Duly filled form and Demand Draft with You. Attach Photo on form and Staple one Extra Photo.


Amita said...

thnxxxsssss a loottt...god bless u...namh shivay

Amita said...

Timings written on shivyog website for mumbai shivir satsangs are 10 am to 6pm and not 8am to 6 pm. please note..namah shivay

subodh said...

Thanks for the update; however the name of beneficiary i.e. in whose name the demand draft should be prepared is not available on the forms. If you could incorporate those details, it would be added information readily available to the other Co-Sadhaks.

Namah Shivay.

Amita said...

draft in favour of "World Spiritual Healing Foundation" payable at New Delhi.
send this draft to delhi aashram
Shivyog Ashram
D-170, Sector 8 Dwarka, New Delhi,
110077( Earlier the pin code was 110075 but it has changed to 110077)
namh shivay

RAJESH said...

om namo shivay

4-6 sadhaks want to come for the mumbai shivir.Anyone can help for finding accomodation.

RAJESH said...


we are from Kenya
please give phone numbers so we can contact the sadhaks in charge of accomodation

om namo shivay

rajesh shah

Dips said...

Namah Shivay,
I want to come to join the shivir i have donwnloaded the copy of form, but should I attache copy of my photo with the registration form for ID card ?
plzz reply early...Thanks!

Namo Shivay

S D Bhavsar Adv Nasik

bhim said...

Shyam Sunder Khatiwara

I am from Sikkim.please provide me the details of program to be held at kolkata and the procedure of registration. om namah shivay

harry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
harry said...

namah shivaye babaji gurumaa,
thank you for such a wonderfull delhi shivir.

manoj said...

Om Nama Shivaya...