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Monday, October 11, 2010

Mahameru Kumkum Abhishekam

Shri Vidya is the ultimate Vidya which is the sacred sadhana of the universe. The Mahameru is the Nirgun Nirakhar Swaroop of Divine Mother Lalitha Tripura Sundari. During This Navratri you can perform Mahameru Advaith Pooja which gives the Sadhak Good Health, Wealth and Prosperity in Abundance and Lots of divine Grace of Mother Lalitha Tripura Sundari.
Performing Mahameru Kumkum Abhishekh:
Sit on the meditation Ahsan and keep the Mahameru on the meditation Alter in front of you. Then Light a Lamp/Diya (For Lightening Lamp/Diya always use Sesame Oil - Til Ka Tel) and let the Light of the Diya fall on the Bindu of the Mahameru. Then do the Thratak for 5 to 10 minutes. Thratak means just look at the Mahameru Bindu continuosly, Shambhavi Sadhaks send sanjeevani from your 3eyes to the bindu of the Mahameru. As soon as you will send sanjeevani to mahameru it will get activated and starts rotating. That rotation cannot be explained. Mahameru rotates in all the Infinite dimensions. Now take the pure Red Kumkum with your Right Hands 3 fingers i.e your Thumb finger, Middle finger and Ring finger and start offering Kumkum from the Up Bindu of the Mahameru to the Down 3Circles that is Bhopur, by reciting the Mahalaxmi Bheej Mantra by babaji or Laxmi Bheej Mantra "Shreem" 21 times or 11 times.
There are some important points of Mahameru which gives various effect:
(1) Doing Kumkum Abhishek on Bindu of Mahameru gives the Sadhak an overall ultimate Benefit.
(2) Doing Kumkum Abhishek on 14 Triangles of Mahameru gives the sadhak 100% Success in Business and Prosperity.
(3) Doing Kumkum Abhishek on Bhopur i.e. 3 Circles of Mahameru which is an Earth Element gives the sadhak and Wealth and Prosperity in Abundance.
Note:- After When the Mahameru is covered with the Kumkum then remove the Kumkum and store in a Red Cloth and Tie the knot and Keep in the Locker where you keep Money and other Important Business, Property Papers etc. This will increase and attract more Prosperity and Abundance.
If all the family members perform this Kumkum Abhishekam together then it will create a lots of divinity and attracts lots of Good Health and Wealth in Abundance Instantly.
Bless You All
Namaha Shivaya
Happy Navratri.....Enjoy!


Nits said...

Namah Shivaye,

Can you provide the images of Mahameru (Shree Yantra)?

pammi said...

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Rakesh said...

Can you please guide us about placement of Maha MEru... point is that in case we do pooja with kum kum, it spreads.. can we keep maha meru on some plate , babaji has asked to store this kum kum hence only worry is that in case it is not on some plate / sheet or wooden surface etc it will spill after some time. Thanks for guiding in advance

SKRAD said...

Namah Shivaye,

It appears this pooja is more dedicated for Shivrati.
My question is, is this pooja only meant for Shivratri or it can be done any day or every day?

Also I would like to know what is the actual Mahalaxmi Bheej Mantra by babaji, where can I find this mantra.
The Laxmi Bheej Mantra "Shreem". Is Shreem the mantra itself, do we recite “Shreem” 21 or 11 times?

Thank you

Binnu Shivanand said...

love this blog
nice started shanmukha sankhu
thank you for seva

Shashi Kumar said...

Namah Shivaya,

How can i take meru yantr.

Cindy Dy said...

Couldn't be written any better. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!