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Sunday, August 31, 2014



Shivir will be Graced by Param Pujya Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji - The Father of Indian Healing

Dates: 18th to 23rd November 2014

Venue: Oshwal Centre Auditorium, Nairobi , KENYA

Timings: 09:30 AM (Morning) to 03:30 PM (Evening)

Pre – Requisite:
The Shivir is Open for all. Newcomers / Anyone can attend the Shivir and receive the Divine Grace.

** Prior Registration Compulsory **

Registration to Start Soon.

For more details feel free to contact us:

ShivYog Kenya Mobile No's:
+254 733745932 / +254 734444555 / +254 733622215


Kindly download the file here: Kenya Hotel List.pdf

We Welcome all our Beloved Sadhaks to come and attend this Wonderful and most Powerful Intensive Shambhavi Healing Sadhana Shivir.





ShivYog Intensive Shambhavi Meditation raises the Healing stakes multiple times when compared to the standard Shambhavi Meditation. The primary objective of this meditation is to awaken the Healing Powers within you so that you can make your life just the way you want it. Every aspect of life can be healed to derive the best out of it. The Intensive Shambhavi enables the most powerful way to do that. Moreover, any incident of your past which has left an indelible imprint on your psyche too can be healed. And who doesn’t want healthy relationships with all, completion of projects without hurdles, excellent health and marvellous spiritual growth.

ShivYog Intensive Shambhavi Sadhana entails the awakening of the hidden dynamic power in an individual by a Healing Master to channelize the flow of cosmic energy in him. The flow of this energy from the two eyes and the hands on a subtle level imparts enormous benefits on the individual.

• On the Physical Level, the practitioner witnesses excellence in health, greater recovery rate, enhanced immunity, metabolism and fitness for a disease free and energetic life.

• On the Emotional Level, the practitioner encounters equanimity, sobriety and a mature response to any situation in life.

• On the Mental Level, the cosmic energy lends peace of mind, freedom from stress, lasting happiness positive thoughts and an enhanced sense of creativity in life.

• On the Spiritual Level, the individual sees an upsurge of holistic energy which leads to rise in the consciousness level, greater focus, development of rapid healing powers and a sustained experience of tranquillity and blissfulness.

Intensive Shambhavi meditative process is also effective in activating the seven energy meridians or chakras in the etheric body of an individual. Regular practice of this meditation helps align all the five bodies (one physical body + four subtle bodies) which leads to overall wellness and evolution of the inherent healing powers in the individual. Aside from these benefits on an individual level, this practice heals relationships, defects in the land, energy and horoscope and cures the maleficent positions of the planets and ascending the souls of unascended ancestors. It is also fruitful making every aspect of life radiant with the current of positivity and wholesomeness to make life complete in all ways.

Further, if you are already a practitioner of faith healing, you will encounter a massive surge in your healing ability. Yet another very interesting aspect that is taught in this Shivir includes tapping of Solar Energy, Life Force Energy of Rivers and other Natural Creations, through the channels of your subtle body and execute ultra-powerful amplification of positive energy at any place, person, incident or jinxed assignment.

After receiving the Shambhavi Initiation, a seeker experiences continuous flow of the Divine Healing Energy through him which leads to:

• Reduce Stress & Anxiety levels through enhanced natural secretion of tranquilizing hormones
• Fast recovery and achieve cure of any disease if exists.
• Improved focus and concentration
• Better and peaceful sleep & Higher Energy Level
• Improved Metabolism & Boosted Immune System
• Improved Heart Function & Improved Lipid Profile
• Improved Renal and Liver Function
• Improved & Balanced Endocrine Secretions
• Excellent Focus & Concentration
• Regeneration of Organs / Pancreas to Heal the Diabetic conditions, if any.

Through the Intensive Shambhavi Healing Meditations, Awakened Master Babaji connects us to the Infinite source of Healing Energy lying dormant inside us. He also teaches us how to use this energy to heal ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

These practices, when done sincerely and regularly, have been scientifically and clinically proven to lend in-numerable health benefits. 

Thanking You

Namah Shivay


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

ShivYog Shambhavi Sadhana – The Ultimate Panacea

ShivYog Shambhavi – The Ultimate Panacea

Many times we are intrigued by words like faith healing or healing touch. Ancient fables and mythological scriptures give incredible accounts of healing powers of great saints and Siddhas. One look or an affectionate touch from them was enough to cure the most deadliest of the diseases. In Shirdi Sai Baba, Shri Gorakhnathji, Sidhguru Nityanada we had the divine who were endowed with miraculous healing powers. It was not surprising that their exploits traveled far and wide across the globe. Scores of aggrieved and agonized individuals got relief through these holy men. Many people are reported to have been cured by radiation emanating from the photographs or these hallowed personalities. Now, this brings us to the questions what is this miraculous power? How does it cure the ailments? Is it possible for a common man to acquire healing powers? Whether these healing powers have faded away with passages of time

The Divine Healing Power of Lord Shiva

The answer to all these pertinent questions lie in Shambhavi- the divine healing power of Lord Shiva. Shambhavi was Shiva’s antidote to all the ills and ailments besieging mankind. Lord Shiva bestowed his divine powers on other Siddha masters in the lineage. One such celebrated soul was Avdhoot Baba Nityananda. True to his benevolent self, Gurudev Nityananda in conferred this divine power on Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji. Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji, in true compliance of his Guru’s wishes, has made this divine power available to everyone.

Shambhavi is the power of Shiva’s third eye, Shambhavi is a highly potent flow of life force energy. When Lord Shiva opens his third eye, immense power capable of rooting out all the negativity is generated in a sudden upsurge. Shiva harnessed this power to the benefit of mankind. He administered Shambhavi Diksha to the great masters with dual purpose of enabling them to destroy negativity and healing ailments. Shambhavi is essentially the highest Diksha in the spiritual quest. It embodies three powerful Shaktipats that are conferred on a disciple. Shaktipats facilitate the opening of third eye. As a result Crown Chakras resembling thousand petaled lotus expands completely and divine Kundalini energy rises above the Anand Chakra. Shaktipat stimulates enormous heat and energy. Consequently all the diseases and Karmic ill effects are destroyed during Shambhavi Shaktipat Diksha.

With successful completion of Shambhavi Diksha a person can experience continues flow of the divine fire from both the eyes and the third eye. The divine fire thus availed is capable of exterminating all the diseases, suffering and pain prevalent in humanity. Healing that accrues form it is extremely powerful and speedy. So much so, that a patient can get relief by just looking at the afflicted part for few minutes. By its sheer healing power Shambhavi resurrects the dead organs.

Amazing Healing Attributes of Shambhavi

Shambhavi derives its healing attributes from two powerful Shakti Kriyas and Brahmand Kriya. These factors when combined with Siddha’s Karmic Mandala provide a huge impetus to the healing capabilities of Shambhavi. With the results, Shambhavi can heal the most deadliest of diseased be it the kidney failure, heart ailment, diabetes, arthritis or even cancer. In the normal course any disease can be cured with in eleven days. A lady in Mumbai has the same experience. She approached Avdhoot Baba Shivananda with a swollen foot. In excruciating pain she asked Baba for healing. Babaji made her sit in front of him and started looking at the swollen part. Much to the disbelief of everyone present, the swelling began to subside. And within minutes her foot was back to normal, similarly there are many instances where people with terminal diseases deemed beyond recovery by doctors were with aid of Shambhavi. Therefore it would suffice to say that even in this age we can experience the wonders of Shambhavi healing in the same manner as witnessed during the times the great saints. More importantly it is possible for common people to perform these miracles.

The Protective Layer of Shambhavi

Besides healing, Shambhavi can act as a protective shield against threats ranging from psychic attacks to the risk of life and property. The protective layer of Shambhavi extends from individuals to houses and factories. Goal Manifestation results from Shambhavi are very quick. It is the quickest way to self-realization. Shambhavi leads you into Turya Avastha – the most advanced stage of meditation- thereby purifying higher self and higher bodies. Karmic factores are instantly dissolved in the throes of Turya Avastha. One remains connected to the inner dimension of light through Shambhavi. Basically there is more to Shambhavi than mere healing sessions. It is a state of deepest meditation. Only the blessed ones get a chance to experience it. With every session the individual’s higher body gets cleansed of Karmic Doshas. He received blessings from the highest source. He gets connected to the highest dimension of light on this way to Bhog and Moksha. Healer on the other hand, goes about his task quite effortlessly. He is not even required to lift his finger. Rather his eyes do the healing while he remains engrossed in meditation.

Shambhavi Deeksha

It is important to remember that anyone can avail this sacred Diksha. Prior to that it is essential for the person to have knowledge of Siddha Healing and Mrit Sanjeevani Kriya. Every person has thousand of Karmic layers surrounding his energy body. Once you meditate these layers dissipate to leave you purified and ready to receive Shambhavi Diksha. Purification is the foremost pre-requisite to Shambhavi Diksha as an impure body will not able to handle the turbulent energy of Shambhavi. Needless to say, Shambhavi Healing is a godsend opportunity of mastering the sacred therapy. It has no fixed criteria. Therefore anyone irrespective of age, caste and creed can avail this divine inertia for self-realization. World Spiritual Healing Foundation is deeply involved in the noble endeavor of imparting the complete knowledge of Shambhavi and other Siddha Healing techniques to the masses. So that people get a chance to rediscover themselves through a spiritual perspective. Start with Siddha and join the growing population of the miracle healers.

Namah Shivay..!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ShivYog Chennai Shivir

ShivYog Chennai Gratefully Announces



Date: 10th May 2014

Time: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM


Dates: 12th May 2014 to 17th May 2014

Timings: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM

KAMARAJ ARANGAM, 492, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai


For Registration details please contact:
Monika:- + 91 9940319820
Vani:- +91 9884812069
Kusum Joshi:- +91 9884011968

Registration Details:

Voluntary Donation Letter

List of Hotel

For further info visit website:

Or email us at:

Thanks & Regards

Lots of Unconditional Love

ShivYog Chennai Seva Team

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

ShivYog - Art of Ascension & Advanced Prati Prasav Sadhana Mauritius

ShivYog - Art of Ascension & Advanced Prati Prasav Sadhana Shivir - Mauritius

We are all very good at miracles. God gave us such a perfect body and we miraculously made it become sick but whatever we do can be undone. The human being has enormous possibilities but uses only 3% of its potentials.

The definition of Insanity is - "Doing the same thing again and again and expecting the different result"

People say that they come to the Shivir and they didn't get any benefit then Baba says

At home since so many days you where in "Har Haal Mei Dukhi" and now in Shivir also you are Dukhi / Sad then how can you expect different result. This is an Insanity behavior.

Since so many days you have been in Sad now its time to change yourself to Happy.

Because the only thing permanent in Nature in "Change"

You say you are sad now but you were happy before which means you are continuously changing. If you are sad now then you can change to Happiness also.

Please understand the simple thing.

You have to just do little hard work on your own self. Little means just a little & our Babaji had made it simple way, he just said in simple words – 

"Har Haal Mein Kushi"

Which means you are now sowing a seed of Happiness.

Sabh Kuch Tera Bhava re Your emotions gets you closer to God.

Be like a child he said just like your Babaji.

All your guides, ascended masters, angels comprises the Guru Mandala. The Guru mandala is always guiding you so invoke and listen to their guidance. The Grace of Shiva is always there pouring unto you .just as when you go into the rain you will get soaked when you start receiving the Grace of Shiva you will get Bliss .

My God is infinite .His Grace is infinite. (Shiva Ananta Shiva Kripa Ananta) 

Opportunities always come your way and you must learn to make the most of them. He used the example of the wave while surfing ...if a wave comes your way and you do not seize it the moment is gone forever. When sitting for Sadhana hold the intention that you will Purify more and more. Once you Purify you will start attracting everything that you deserve .

Your soul resides in the middle of your chest. Give gratitude from there .

Our objective in life should be to become Shivananda and from now on Ishanji said that he will see us only thus.

Most important Ishanji asked us to always vibrate at a higher consciousness so that we can always be at the same Energy level as Our Guru ,connect easily to Him and remain in His aura.

All Devatas are worshipped because they protect us from Asuras .However all the Asuras come from our consciousness itself .our consciousness is very powerful .Our mind is like a website ,we just think of something and immediately it will be downloaded .

To every action there will be a reaction equal and opposite. Out of emotion ,action , reaction will all give birth to an Energy .

Beliefs create the mind and the mind creates the Energy 

If every thought is a seed then why not plant a good seed .

If a person is sukshma he has the possibility to absorb all the Divinity around and reflect only that .

Whatever You give to your cells again and again it becomes an addiction coffee, tea, chocolate these are external addictions. There are also internal addictions every emotions is also an addiction. If you can make an addiction out of negativity then you can make an addiction out of positivity 

If you can have tears of joy then you can also have laughter of sorrow..!! 

I have the choice from every action I can take a lesson, thank the Divinity and move on.

A child has only one thought _ happiness but as it grows it starts thinking and then gets contaminated.

Do not get into the cycle of blame and complaints as these bring with it even more negativity. Now I believe in the God but I also believe in the disease and the bad luck 

The soul just witnesses everything. The mind has a lot of delusion 

The one who is truly powerful enjoys inner joy ,inner happiness .outer joy is only temporary and can easily be taken away. 

A Shivyogi has a simple way of life.

God can be experienced very easily but to maintain it you need deep gratitude 
Gratitude helps us resonate with the frequency of the Universe. 

You are the guests of Shiva and Parvati and they are ready to give you everything but if you only focus on the sorrow and the problems this is all you will be served.

If you want to teach anyone then teach by example.

The Guru has the possibility to take away all the karma from the sanchit karma, Prarabdh karma and the karma that I am still doing now.

Everyone perceives according to his understanding ,his level of consciousness 

Nishkam Sadhana - I don't need anything but I pray because My love for you is so great .

Accept the Shiva within you. Surrender to the light. Connect to the one who loves you the most and enjoy Bramah Swarupam 

Then Ishanji had sung this beautiful Bhajan:

"Nityanandam Brahmanandam
Brahmaswaroopam Neelavaranam
Trailokyanatham Shree Gurudevam
Aum Namo Nityanandam"

"Shivanandam Brahmanandam
Brahmaswaroopam Neelavaranam
Trailokyanatham Shree Gurudevam
Aum Namo Shivanandam"

If you take a glass ,fill it with ink and slowly add water to it slowly the ink will disappear and only water will remain. Same is for negativity within us. If we keep on adding Sadhana,Durga Saptashati, Sankirtan slowly the negativity will disappear and only positivity will be there. I must vibrate with so much positivity that even if any kind of negativity comes on my path I can blast it .

Gossip is a big hurdle in the lives of Shivyogis 

”Shiva Ananta Shiva Kripa Ananta”. No gossip is bigger than my Shiva 

Shivyog is the path of addition and gossip is the path of subtraction. 

Shivyogi should fill themselves only with the light, Divinity of Babaji's teachings and not that of gossip.

Ishanji says that when people tell Babaji about others he just send healing to both parties and forgets about the whole incident.

The Ego stops us. We are not ready to see that we are a only a drop in that ocean and yet the moment we see it, we become infinite.

When I am ready to receive, the gates are open wide for me.

We need to do 'research and development' and not be like the professor who only vomits in the future what has acquired in the past.

Even if the scriptures have been handed to us, it is our duty towards God and ourselves to do continuous R+D. that is what is meant by Ascension.

The human being is born to evolve but then they reach a comfort zone and do not want to evolve more than that. Everybody has their own comfort zones so there are bound to have clashes.

History shows that God has always come and gone but few recognize the Divinity. Krishna came and he had only a few followers. One must be open and humble to experience .

The only sin a human being makes is by Limiting himself.

Guru came into your life since many Lives you lived.

Ishan added that Babaji has the eye to spot that one Kohinoor in a billion.

Guru had choosen you to be his sadhak because he had seen a Diamond in you that you can achieve the Self Actualization. If your Guru had chosen you from so many Billion people in world and if he can see a Diamond within you then why cant you see the same Diamond within yourself and just follow the path of Divinity.

The only thing which is permanent in this world is "CHANGE". You are changing every second & if the Change is the only thing permanent in Nature then Choose the Divinity, Choose good health, wealth, Love etc

Even during challenging situations one must have the humility to accept that Shiva is always there by my side and that even if this has happened it is for my highest good & for my evolution. “Shiva Ananta Shiva Kripa Ananta”.

In Babaji 's language there are only 2 words negative and positive. Be very direct and ask for healing directly. The Sanjeevani knows exactly where to go .

Ishanji takes the example of a garbage man. When he comes to take the garbage you don't. Point out everything that the bin contains and with all the details, do you? You just tell him dispose of it. The karma is a garbage so just dispose of it .

The one who has got Shiva by his side has nothing to fear.

Even the disease we make as a comfort zone .

Humility is asking the right questions instead of knowing the wrong answers. Humility is complete surrender, a romance. 

The Rudrastakam explains the real nature of the human being. In the beginning the author is buttering Lord Shiva with all kinds of praises but at the end he surrenders with humility and says – 

“Na Janaami Yogam Japam Naiva Pujam
Nato Ham Sadaa Sarvadaa Sambhu Tubhyam
Jaraa Janma-Duhkhaugha Taatapya Maanam
Prabho Paahi Apan-Namaamisha Shambho”

Which means:-

”God I do not know mantra, puja, Tapasya, I have been told so I will do it because life is complicated but I need your wisdom and healing to evolve. I know I am part of this light but still I have so much anger, I know that when i accept with humility that what i know today can be better tomorrow so help me evolve”.

Evolution is a continuous process into ascension 

I am a being of infinity so how much can I grow? is infinity. Happiness is infinity, Success is infinity 

Resonate with the light and like Energy will attract like Energy .

When we talk about God in the Stutis we all talk about how wonderful he is, how forgiving, how loving He is. Babaji says this is because a new neuropath way has to be created .

Ishanji compares the GPS in a car to the Nirguna. The mind is also Nirguna, whatever we put knowingly or unknowingly in the mind this is where it will take us. Look at the human nature if he is anticipating happiness the happiness happens. Like Energy attracts like Energy. If anticipating sorrow only sorrow will be there. If we program a GPS to go through Mahebourg from Port Louis to reach Flic-en-Flac we cannot blame the car but only the input in the GPS.

The Akashic records of what you have has already made you go towards that direction .you can blame the whole world, politics, your family or the stars but even the blame will create the Energy of grudge and resentment and will lead to sorrow . You are the creator of your own destiny resonate at the proper frequency. Everything can change just change the neuropath way. 

The aim of reciting the Stutis is that they will trigger the Bhaav within you. The stronger the Emotional charge the stronger the neuropath way will be. That is why we pray we do Sadhana and connect to happiness. Thus creating a new destination on the GPS.

MAA Kali is the power of our mind. MAA signifies your emotions and Shiva is the Logic. That explains the picture where MAA Kali is above, on the Lord Shiva 
When emotions are positive MAA LALITA is above, on the Lord Shiva (Logic Mind) is below. When emotions are Negative MAA Kali above & Lord Shiva is below & When emotions are Positive MAA Lalita Tripura Sundari above & Lord Shiva is below. ”Emotions whether positive or negative always overpowers Logic”.

Talk to a Shivyogi there also there is no logic. In whatever worse situation he is in he will say – “Where there is a Will there is a Way & where there is Faith there is no Fear” 

Everything is born out of nothing and that nothing is the Energy it all depends if I have a positive capability to create or if I have a negative capability to create. Out of nothing our mind has the power to create God ,to heal the body or make the body sick.

Babaji says whenever you have the time transform your emotions. Accept that the God is infinite.

The Whole Ramayana is nothing but its about your own self.

Ram is the Self (Jeev Atma) and it should be merged with the True Self i.e. The Para Shakti (Param Atma) Maa Sita or Maa Bhagwati and Bhagwan Shiv.

Whereas Hanuman is the Mind. When Hanuman was told that he have to cross the ocean and go to Lanka he said he can't do it. As he forgot that he is not just a mere monkey he his the Hanuman. Then he was made reminded about his powers. Then Monkey became Hanuman. Similarly your Mind is Monkey you have to make it Hanuman and helo Ram to Merge with Mata Sita.

Hanuman is a metaphor for you. You are like a monkey because your mind jumps around all the time. The Ramayan teaches that Ram has lost Sita, Sita is the symbol of Shakti the Divinity, symbol of purity. Ravan is our Vikars and he had kidnapped mother Sita. Only Hanuman (our monkey mind) could help save mother Sita but first Hanuman had to be reminded that he is God .

Learn to dissociate yourself from negativity .Whatever you associate yourself with decides your neuropath way .

Associate yourself with the light and the happiness during Sadhana Energy attracts like Energy. Focus on your positive emotional charge do not be blank because then you will create a blank neuropath way.

You are like a piece of land .you will have to work hard to remove the weeds ,the rocks and Toil the soil before planting any seed on the other hand if you are lazy you will reap only weeds on your land you reap what you sow.

Always have a feeling of gratitude. Hey Siddha Guru I thank you for all the Grace ,all the blessings all the peace and so much love that comes my way. 

Accept others the way they are .Everyone has their own soul agenda. Learn to say no with confidence to gossip .

When you are in any negative situation like people gossiping analyze yourself what is it in me that is attracting them, may be my Energy has gone down, Immediately raise your vibration. Shiva Ananta Shiva Kripa Ananta 

When a soul is born it is neither positive nor negative .before being born he writes his own life script so as to learn a lesson so do not judge. The more you learn acceptance and humility the less you will judge.

Life scripts are written like new year resolutions we want to get perfect in a little time only .

Every incident has the power to teach us .

We say it is the new year because it is a new start but it is only a change in the calendar your soul has already known many 2014 

In French we say 'Bonne Anne' which means a Good Year. This is how we should welcome every year as being a good one.

The soul is eternal. Sometimes it can be a boon to be eternal and sometimes it can be a curse. Energy can never be created nor can it be destroyed. Each and every cell and each and every thought is immortal. The body which is mortal is made up of elements that are eternal. Then why is immortality either a curse or a boon. It is because of the mind if the mind learns “Haar Har Mein Kushi” then it is a boon but if the mind reverses this then it is a curse.

The process of change is eternal. Even Lord Shiva is still meditating,Babaji is still meditating because Evolution is a continuous process.

Babaji told us that in 2012 the earth moved into higher dimensions but only those who are worthy will ascend .
Ishanji narrated a story 

"I thought that being the son of Babaji I would ascend automatically no problem. That a rocket would come and take me and I will move into 4th dimension very easily but when nothing of all that was happening I thought that maybe I had been left out after all".

Ascension is not a concept of the body.

Ascension is a concept of the consciousness of the mind.

In the 3rd dimension work is accomplished by the physical body.

As men ascend into the 4 th dimension the objective of the 3 rd dimension are becoming obsolete. Now we send emails and the person receives it within seconds at the other end of the earth. Sitting where I am I can control everything from a computer. My business can be in kenya and I would be controlling it from Mauritius itself. Soon we will be so evolved that even computers will not be necessary only the thought will be enough. Those who want to evolve will succeed but those who do not will not experience the 4th dimension.

If you look at Siddhas, fortune tellers, Nostradamus or Einstein although living in the 2nd Dimension their minds were resonating at the frequency of the higher dimension. However even the forth dimension is not the limit there is still the 5th,6th, 7th up to Infinite Dimensions, that is why Shiva is still meditating because after infinity there is more of the infinity. 

A good year (Bonnie Anne) is one where I evolve. What positive changes in myself I bring in that year. A good year for a Shivyogi is when the wanting stops. When Babaji asks the Shivyogi what do you want and the Shivyogi say nothing then he has evolved and that is a good year for Babaji.

You will have to do the work towards your evolution .If you pay a man to do push ups for you and the man exercises very hard nothing will happen to your 6 pack Abs. You have to do your Sadhana, sursas will always be there and the mind is easily seduced.

Nothing comes free. There is a price for everything. If you want to bring a change in your life a little bit of hard work has to be done. Change your thoughts & Change your behavior. Resonate at the higher dimension and let Divinity take over.

You shall reap what you sow :
If you want happiness sow seeds of love and make others happy 
If you want prosperity do a lot of charity Nishkam sewa 
If you want Divinity do a lot of meditation with Nishkam Bhaav 

The more you sow, the more you reap and the more you evolve. The more you evolve the easier it gets to move on that path. 

If you follow the path of Shivyog everyday it is a Good Year and a New Year 

Learn to walk alone only with your Guru .

For Bhakti sing the Bhajans 

If your Guru has taken you to the higher dimensions then it is your duty to remain there.

Babaji doesn't need to send anyone to deliver a message he will come himself.

If happiness is created by stressful means then it is not real happiness.

Accept the Guru Mandala, Guru Tattva.

Your awareness should remain on the mother who even gives power to Shiva ,even to the life that flows within you. 

Ishan Ji narrated a Experience:-

That long back whenever anybody use to go to Babaji, Babaji use to say them “SaLoh”.

In Punjabi SaLoh means Swas Lo (Take a Deep Breath)

Babajis intention was to say that just sit 2 mins and take deep breaths and invoke Baba to help u. But people use to think Baba is saying something different and all use to get irritated.

So on the special request of Ishan Ji and Guru Maa Babaji replaced the word SaLoh with - "Har Haal Mein Kushi"

This is the Directors Cut edition which nobody knows.

Isi liye Humhare Baba kehte hai

"Swasadi Mala Nal
Simram Tera Naam
Banjava Bandha Main Tera ShivShiva
Banjava Bandha Mein Tera ShivShiva
Om Namaha Shivaya
Namaha Shivaya”

Always remember

Ishanji narrates the story that once in Lucknow Ashram Babaji told Ishan Ji to take a cow for a walk.

Babaji had a cow in lucknow ashram named Shyama which Babaji loved very much .
One day Babaji asked Ishanji to take the cow out for a walk (Ishan joked that Babaji was preparing him for marriage since then) so Ishan does as he is told and walks without thinking and the cow follows him. Soon it starts getting dark and Ishan wants to get back to the ashram but realizes that he is lost and takes the cow to the first farmhouse he sees. He asks where he is and they say 'you are here' but where do you want to go? And Ishan replies I do not know". 

Now the farmers start thinking that he must be crazy and they kick him out .he goes to another farmhouse and the same thing happens. After 3 or 4 similar incidents he starts to get frustrated but could not do anything as nobody was willing to help him. So he sits down to calms himself and thinks of his Babaji and then the cow starts walking off and he is now following it. Soon he sees a few trees that are familiar to him and then he starts recognizing the place and is very happy that Shyama has found the way back home.

The cow is our Atma. Our higher self. It knows the way back home where we all want to go and we just have to let it lead the way .

I am the mind (too often frustrated) suddenly I get a wake up call and I want to go back home. The wake up calls often come as midlife crisis, as a sickness or as a loss.

Fear causes desperation (often ends up taking the cow to every farmhouse) 
Out of desperation you can also sell your soul to the devil .

When problems come sit for a moment & SaLoh 

The Gut feeling is already in each and everyone of us but we have to listen/ 

All the wisdom is within us and to spoil things you need just one idiot.

When you do any bad deed there is always something within us telling us this is bad 
When you do something very good as well there is something within us that says this is good. This is Prakriti. When there is Prakriti there is Ascension.

The subconscious is like the cow grazing its grass and just witnessing everything it can never get excited. I, the mind, is the only one who can get excited. My emotions shuts the Subconscious down. As soon as you sit and meditate the subconscious takes over and takes you home.

The more agitated I get the more I get lost. Your true nature is Bliss. Your true nature is success.

You have three Dharmas. Dharma towards the family, Dharma towards yourself and dharma towards your Guru & God.

Things, situations, people can trigger me but its up to me to let anything affect me, Sursas will come in many forms.

How can you make God happy? Then are you saying that God is unhappy and until and unless you break a coconut and do puja he will remain unhappy? This is like saying you will take your bottle of water, pour it in the ocean and then it will be over flow.

Prayers are for you to be happy and to resonate at Shiva’s frequency.

The only person you can make happy is yourself and the only person you can make unhappy is yourself.

Pray to the Guru. I am ready to learn. I do not need any reward nor punishment. Please erase the previous life script. I am ready to become humble, to forgive, to give unconditional love but please delete the previous life script. If any vikars comes please let me remain connected only to my guru and my higher self.

The key to go back home is Haar Haal mein Kushi 

God is there with you and you must evolve to resonate to His frequency.

Namaha Shivaya.

We offer the Heartfelt of Gratitude & Lots of Love from all our ShivYog Sadhaks to Ishan Ji and Babaji.

Lots & Lots of Gratitude to our Mauritius Sadhak.


Monday, January 6, 2014

ShivYog Advait Shree Vidhya Sadhana - Mauritius Nov 2013

ShivYog - Advait Shree Vidhya Sadhana Shivir - Mauritius

Advait = There is no DUAL, there is only ONE

God is not separate from us, God is within us only!

We come from Lord Shiva, the Sapta Maharishis, Bhagwan Dattatreya, Agastya Maha Muni & Mata Lopamudra. This is the source of everybody.

We must awaken the God within us. When we say I, it is the EGO!

The EGO has 5 characteristics, namely: Kama (lust), Krodha (anger), Lobha (greed), Moha (attachment) and Ahamkara (pride).

These are responsible for all the sufferings of everyone: ill health, relationship complications, blockages, failures, financial problems, etc. They arise due to the impurity that EGO causes.

SHAKTI resides in the Mooladhaara and SHIVA in the Sahastraar. She wants to merge with Shiva. The passage is the Sushumna Nadi. If we clean our passage, the Shakti will rise (rising of Goddess Kundalini), thus our consciousness will stop living at the lower level, it will go up and we become INFINITE. 

Whenever you seek for something, don’t involve others. It should be about your own development without downgrading someone else. E.g, if you seek to God that my child should come first, it means others should not come first! The intention is not pure. You should seek that my child excels in his studies. Do not compare with others. Whenever you are seeking anything and it’s not happening, know that maybe unknowingly there is some impurity in your intentions. So check and seek again with the purest intention and it will materialize.

You can enter the kingdom of God when you become as simple as a child. For that we have to burn our karmic layers. There are 10 doors to be opened.

We carry a set of vibrations according to our Karmas. The Kriya mann is the mind in action which gives birth to Sanchit karmas in the form of seeds, that are stored in the 4th Body the Karan Sharir (Casual Body). Our reactions give nourishment to the seeds. Basically reactions are according to our subconscious mind, i.e our Samakaras. A reaction can be emotional, mental, verbal or even body language. These reactions give nourishment to our dormant karmas which in turn become active; thus resulting in Prarabadh Bhoga, the root cause of all sufferings.

There is a purpose of this birth. Our objective should be to understand who am I, from where I come and where I have to go. Do self-analysis, ask yourself what is the real journey of my life. I have to achieve the SHIVA in me, awaken the SHIVA & SHAKTI within me so as to reach the SHIVOHAM state.

Do not nourish the seeds.

Before they become alive destroy them by doing Sadhna, Sewa and Sankirtan.

Never talk ill about anyone, it burns all our Puniyas!

In the morning do Devo Karmas : ½ hour yogasanas, ½ hour pranakriyas then the Shri Vidya Meditation.

During the day do Sakama Karma : do your job with sincerity.

At night do Shanti Karma : give time to your family, give and receive love.

Make effort to bring change in the mental thoughts, attitude and reactions.

We emit positive vibrations but due to the negativities around us, it decreases.

Subconscious mind knows everything but our consciousness is ignorant. Always listen to your inner voice. It has 96% power. Our active mind represents only 4%.

When you go to your Guru, your attitude should be: Shraddha, Bhakti and Vishwas. It will be easier for you to receive his grace. Surrender.

Feel whenever you speak anything. Always speak positive. First you should feel it, then you speak. Thus you’ll emit the exact vibrations. Strengthen your belief in God. Start believing you are becoming purer, nicer, more loving; you are releasing all impurities – anger, ego, selfishness etc. I am the child of God and I too have God-like properties. We are infinite. Our real strength is our inner subconscious. Always do self analysis to find out where you are going wrong and correct yourself.

Shri Chakra (Meru): 

How to activate? Activate by gazing at the tip of the Shri Chakra. Recite the sacred mantra while gazing. This opens all your chakras and the Shri Chakra gets activated at the same time. Keep gazing till water comes in your eyes, then close eyes and do meditation with the Shri Vidya I CD.

For Prosperity: Beej mantra of Goddess Lakshmi is SHREEM. Offer kum-kum 11 or 21 times from top Bindu to bottom Bhopur reciting Shreem. Cover with red cloth when it’s done. You can also offer food that you cook daily.

One respectful look at the Meru is worth the puniyas of 200 yagyas!

Every action is governed by your intention. If intention is pure you do not create any sanchit karma. Always auto check yourself at every step. If I have expectations, my intention becomes impure. Always ask others- what can I do for you?

Mistakes we make:

1. Never Judge!!!!!!!!!!

The moment we meet people we have a tendency to judge. By doing so firstly we become partner of all his bad karmas, second our own puniyas get drained. We should never criticize anybody. Always speak good things of others.

2. Always seek from God

Never expect what the other person can give you. If you need to ask, then ask to the Infinite, why to common man? Ask for permanent favors from God directly. Seek with pure intention. Four qualities one should have: a. shuddha bhaav (pure intention), b. nirmal mann (pure mind, full of positivity), c. nischal mann (peaceful & stable mind) and d. vishaal mann (big heart, how much you can give rather than how much you can take).

3. Never Manipulate anybody

Don’t ever take any advantage of anybody. Don’t ever harm anyone. 

Law of Nature

Whatever you give, it comes back to you in many folds.

If you want happiness, give happiness.

If you want food, feed people.

If you want wealth, do charity.

Methods of relieving sins

Feed the animals, feed the children, feed anyone hungry, plant trees, sing in the glory of God and do sadhna.

Seek for ultimate illumination. Let your inner light merge with the supreme light. One should everyday practice- I let go of my ignorance.

Do Durga Saptashati every day. It destroys negative thoughts, karmas, behaviour, and enemies. By enemies, it is meant our own sanchit karmas, which make people become our enemy. When karmas are burnt people start loving us, help us and adore us.

To reduce prarabadha strengthen yourself by regular sadhna and increase your divine energy.

Pray to God: let God choose me to do his work! 

Nothing comes as a punishment in our life. God loves us. God is never angry with us. Every incident is to learn a lesson, good or bad some learning is there.

When blockages come, put CD, chant loudly, and then play meditation CD. You’ll be more peaceful.

More troubles come, more good work you should do.

You’ll never be finished until you do not accept that you are finished. Until and unless you do not create a bridge between yourself and problems, problems will never happen. If an arrow is coming in your direction, the course will get changed. Make a change in your destiny. It’s all in your hands. Draw another longer line to make the other line look shorter.

Evolution is the truth of life. Rise above. Don’t remain like an egg your whole life. Don’t sulk. Find a divine cause for your life. Be grateful for whatever you have. Keep thanking God always. What is the real purpose/objective of my reincarnation, I must fulfill it. Find it first, do retrospection, self analysis is a must.

We must have attitude of gratitude. Be grateful to God, nature, mother earth, your nation. The more grateful you become, the more your consciousness expands, and thus you’ll achieve whatever you want. Move ahead with the objective of giving something, it will come back to you in many thousand folds.

Remember, when you grow spiritually EGO comes. But when wisdom increases ego disappears. Always aim at more and more knowledge.

Use woolen asana for sadhna.

Excessive use of I-Pad closes Aagya and Heart chakra.

Plant as much tulsi as you can, in front of the house, all around the house, in office, etc. It destroys negativity. 

Burn cow dung dip in cow ghee. The smoke removes patches created by negativity in your house.

If possible, play mantra CDs in your house continuously. Small speakers can be installed everywhere in the house. It rises the energy level.

Place Shri yantra in front of the study table of children. They’ll have better concentration.

Whenever you remember, do chant your Shri Vidya mantra. It will transform you, your life; you’ll receive the grace of Lord Shiva.

Thanks & Lots of Love to our Mauritius Sadhak for this wonderful Notes.

Namaha Shivay...!!!